27th Fair of Industrial Measuring Technology CONTROL-STOM

control-stom A very important measurement-technologies industry's event staged in Targi Kielce 

The 27th CONTROL-STOM Expo is one Central and Eastern Europe's most important event for business sector of industrial measuring technologies. The expo was held from 26 to 28 March 2019.

The next exhibition in the series of the measurement industry expos held in Targi Kielce attracted 14,000 visitors who had the opportunity to become familiar with innovative measuring methods, destructive testing equipment and analytical instrumentation.

control-stom Devices for endurance testing in addition to analytical apparatuses used to evaluate physical properties as well as image processing systems were put on display at the exhibition halls.

Not only does the CONTROL-STOM expo bring together the leading companies and brands; the event is also the presentation platform for training providers, business sector's institutes, associations and publishers.

The "Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring" features a long-standing tradition; the events-cluster encompasses exhibitions focused on metal processing, laser technologies, welding and anti-corrosive protection: STOM-TOOL, STOM-BLECH&CUTING, STOM-LASER, WIRTOPROCESY,  EXPO-SURFACE, PNEUMATICON, WIRTOPROCESY and the 3D PRINTING DAYS.