2nd International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition KIELCE IFRE-EXPO

ifre 2018 - pojazdy strażackie 2018's KIELCE IFRE-EXPO ends in success

The International Fire Protection & Rescue Exhibition Kielce IFRE-EXPO was held in Targi Kielce from 7 to 9 June 2018. The exhibitors recapitulate the exhibition and emphasise its business significance as well as the number and quality of accompanying events. The expo attracted over 5000 visitors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Angola, Germany, Ukraine, Lithuania, Denmark, Croatia, Tanzania, Japan and Poland.

Fire-fighters, i.e. the main exhibition target group were unanimous in their opinions – the exhibition was interesting, the fire equipment and vehicles companies prepared novelties and curiosities galore. SHERP - the all-terrain vehicle made a début at the European markets - SHERP generated an avid interest among the visitors.

ifre 2018 - sprzęt strażacki - We are very pleased with the number of visitors but above all with the visitors' competence - Michał Zieliński, SHERP Partner  summarises the company's presentations at the KIELCE IFRE-EXPO - Among very interesting contacts we establish there was one particular - with the guests from Japan. We exchanged business cards and now we look forward to results of this meeting.

Little fire-fighters, rescue dogs and training simulators – this and much more only in Targi Kielce

Targi Kielce featured little fire-fighters from Wieruszóow and Stąporkow. The staged rescue operations have always attracted visitors' interest - this time a teddy bear injured in the accident was saved. Grot, Kokos, Dante, Sigma and Ares boasted their skills - these are the rescue dogs from voluntary service brigade OSP Nowy Sacz. The Municipal Headquarters and Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service from Kielce staged a road accident rescue - the wounded were freed from the car with the use of heavy duty equipment. There was an important point on the agenda - all firefighters had the chance to take part in a drill. And indoor fire simulator was made available by OLC Fire.

Sports-style of the IFRE-EXPO

targi strażackie ifre 2018 - pokazy ratownictwa Voluntary Fire Brigade Włoszczowa right ahead of the Błogoszów - these are the results of the sports competitions organized for the volunteer fire brigades on the last day of the expo. There were crowds of visitors who supported two-member teams that had to run the obstacle course in the shortest possible time. The firefighters had to roll a tyre, unroll the W-52 fire hose and filling the tank with a  hand-pump extinguisher.

The fore-services expo was accompanied with the two-day briefing of the City and Poviat Commanders. The International Occupational Safety and Fire Protection Systems Exhibition KIELCE WORK SAFETY EXPO were held simultaneously with the KIELCE IFRE EXPO.