Lecture by Valerjan Romanovski - the new Guinness Record category. The Open Day of the KIELCE BIKE-EXPO


The ”-100 degrees C project at PGE National Stadium” - 6-7 April at PGE National Stadium in Warsaw -  the stadium pitch housed thee   cryogenic chamber with a  stationary bike inside.  Valerjan's task was to ride the bike at the - 100 C temperature for the longest possible time.  The chamber interior and the cyclist’s body were equipped with temperature sensors. All necessary parameters were also monitored. The indications were monitored and recorded on an ongoing basis.  The process was broadcast thanks to video cameras. Valerian’s  struggle  was closely observed by the Guinness team - this was the basis for the new category of records. The Romanovski Team (about 40 people) were also on the spot.   Before the record setting attempt and after the test finishing the athlete was subjected to psychomotor fitness tests with the us of the Polipsychograf device. Attention and concentration, metastasis, divisibility, working memory range, thinking pace and eye-hand coordination were analysed.  In addition, Valerjan had undergone the Thermoscaning method measurements - this made it possible to determine the athlete's energy resources.

Romanovski was not alone on his struggle against frost and fatigue - there were Valerjan Romanovski Team members : Wawrzyniec Kuc - the team leader, Piotr Śliwiński - a traveller who climbed Mt Everest, Kamil Goll - an amateur cyclist and ambassador / patient of the DKMS Foundation as well as Piotr Marczewski - an instructor of survival and advanced, extreme sea diving, Valerjan's training partner in all kinds of winter endeavours. Valerjan was preparing for the record-breaking exercise accompanied by Marczewski. They spent an hour and a half in water with of 3 degrees Celsius temperature. He also dived 12 hours (group dive) in alternate mode, 12 times immerse for 10 minutes in twelve hours. Piotr Marczewski and Valerjan Romanovski break all cold-associated limits of human endurance.  Piotr was belaying Valerjan while breaking the Guinness record. Piotre spent 6 hours with Valerjan in the chamber, almost motion-less. This can also be regarded an unusual result.

Medic Rescue Team - a team of experts in the field of emergency medicine watched over those in the cryogenic chamber  .

Valerjan was required to prepare intensively before the attempt.  The scheme design was consulted with scientists from the University of Physical Education in Krakow: doctor  Łukasz Tota and doctor  hab. Aneta Teległów and doctor Tomasz Sanak.

We encourage you to become familiar with Velerjan Romanowski. His lecture, - September 20 during KIELCE BIKE-EXPO   10:00 - 11:00. The estimated meeting duration - about 40 minutes.


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