METAL EXPO and accompanying exhibitions: ALUMINUM & NonFerMet, HEAT TREATMENT and RECYCLING, - September 26, welcome the participants of the 73rd World Foundry Congress

This year's edition of "Industrial Autumn" promises to be the largest and most important in its history
This year's edition of "Industrial Autumn" promises to be the largest and most important
in its history

From 23 to 27 September 2018 in Krakow hosts the  73. World Foundry Congress- the most important event for  the global foundry industry.  The foundry sector in Poland means over 400 companies, 90% of which are small and medium enterprises whose whose production capacities account for 40% of all cats made in Poland.  Production of more than 1 million tonnes a year puts Poland in 16th place in the world ranking, and 8 in Europe.


Participants of the Congress in Targi Kielce

Targi Kielce is the Silver Sponsor of the 73rd   World Congress of Foundry. Targi Kielce has also actively supported STOP for many years, also in the Congress preparation period.  More importantly,  Kielce exhibition and congress centre    has been the originator and organiser of  METAL foundry expo  - for 22 years this has advanced to become Central and Eastern Europe’s most important exhibition, also highly recognised among global events of this kind.   On the second day, i,.e.  September 26   METAL is the venue for the off-site session for nearly 400 participants of the World Foundry Congress. They alls come from Krakow to Kielce.

- Members of the global Foundry organization (The World Foundry Organization) will visit the Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn exhibitions.   This is a very important moment for us, the events organizers and a unique opportunity for exhibitors  of  METALALUMINUM & NONFERMETHEAT TREATMENT  and  RECYCLINGThey will be able to present their capabilities and production potentials to the best industry experts - says Piotr Pawelec, project manager of " Targi Kielce's Industrial Spring.   

2018 makes history - it will be remembered as one of the most important in history for Polish foundry industry. The  "Industrial Autumn" in Kielce and 73rd  World Congress of Foundries and in Krakow offer unique opportunities for all business-insiders, companies, organizations, editorial staff who have been professionally associated with the foundry industry.  This is a perfect chance to establish  meaningful business contacts, meet global players and to strengthen Poland's position in the world’s foundry market.


The most important global meetings of the foundry business

This year's Congress is already the fourth World Foundry Congress we have had the honour to host in Poland. The  Technical Association of Polish Foundrymen (STOP) together with World Foundry Organization (World Founding Organization, WFO) will have the privilege to welcome over 700 representatives  from  41 countries world, including approx 100 young scientists.  Delegates will deliver over 200 papers  and they will share their knowledge and achievements at the  posters session with 150 presentations on display. The programme is divided into five categories (materials, technologies, digitalization, management and ecology) in which both representatives of science and industry will present their achievements.  Papers and presentations are a comprehensive and innovative material. This will surely become an inspiration to implement new solutions and projects.


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