Machines of the total weight of 1,400 tons working live, 890 exhibitors from 30 countries, a large representation of companies from Turkey and China, spectacular première presentations and innovative technologies. Starting this Tuesday, 26 March. Targi Kielce transformers into Poland’s most state-of-the-art factory


The Targi Kielce’s Exhibition of Metal Processing Technologies STOM - a part of thematic exhibitions cluster composed of EXPO-SURFACE, CONTROL-STOM, KIELCE FLUID POWER, WIRTOPROCESY, WELDING, TEiA and 3D PRINT DAYS is the response to the machine tool market market’s situation.  The 2019’s exhibitions held under the banner of STOM promise to be really impressive.  For the first time in the history of the STOM cycle, SIAD has been apponoited the expo’s technology partner. SIAD, in conjunction with Targi Kielce offers exhibitors the opportunity to showcase and present their laser and welding at the expo and much more - an in-depth insight into machines’ operation. This has been designed to increase the companies’ visibility at the trade fair. Following the many-year tradition, companies which offer machine-tools for cutting and machine periferials will present their extensive and diversified offer. Producers of sheet metalworking machines with their top-class equipment will also showcase here.  The expo is also the place to meet the leading cutting machine-tools manufacturers.   Grinding technology business sector had also a strong representation at the trade show:   the offer showcased at the expo includes welding machines and accessories; there is also a whole assortment of industrial welding robots. One of the exhibition sections is the showcase for corrosion protection technology and surface treatment.  Pneumatics, hydraulics, drives, controls and the measurement industry will also present a rich offer.

STOM-ROBOTICS flourishes

According to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) latest annual report - the World Robotics Report 2018, the data shows that the number of industrial robots delivered to manufacturers amounted to 381,335 units  in 2017.  This means there has been the increase in global robots sales for the fifth year in a row. It was also the record-breaking year in the industry history as the result were 30% better than a year before.  Therefore it comes as no surprise that STOM-ROBOTICS held for the second time - the expo crafted around industrial robots has already developed to be an important element of the STOM expo cycle.  Yaskawahas,has been appointed the event's official partner.  YASKAWA is one of the world's largest producers of industrial robots, inverters, servomechanisms and  controllers.  Yaskawa's robots are available under the MOTOMAN brand; these are the response to  Poland's industrial marketdynamic development.  KUKA, one of the largest robots’ producers of will present its offer for the first time in Kielce.  EASY ROBOTS will showcase and present a Polish robot. The Kielce exhibition boasts an enormous advantage - this is the showcase for machines and devices, a vast majority of the appliances on show are in working mode.  


A year ago, the ATMAT stand at the 3D PRINT DAYS was the showcase for Ford Mustang in the 1: 1 scale.  At this year's expo the company presents a genuine museum exhibit, one of the last two of its kind - the Caudron CR airplane. 714, completed with 3D printed elements.  This is a unique opportunity to see the full aircraft body - never before has it been presented this form.  3D printed elements include - the hub, the propeller blades, the engine hood and other structural elements.

Information for visitors

Tickets prices:

regular, no prior registration (catalogue included): 25 PLN

prior registration / valid invitation with the business card  (contact details required): free admission

 ticket for schools: The 1st and 2nd expo day: 25 PLN (catalogue induced), 3rd day of the expo: free admission - a list of students and teachers ought to be provided to the organisers

Parking ticket price:

passenger cars (single-visit payment): 15 PLN

coaches until 12.00: 20 PLN

coaches after 12.00: 15 PLN


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