24th International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL

targi przetwórstwa tworzyw sztucznych plastpol

The 24th PLASTPOL - International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing at Targi Kielce

Central and Eastern Europe’s largest trade crafted around plastics industry returns to Targi Kielce - the upcoming  unveiling is held from 19 to 22 May 2020. We look forward to seeing you

PLASTPOL International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing has already become a permanent fixture in the business calendars. PLASPOL is one of the largest, cyclical events staged in Targi Kielce. Previous expo projects have clearly demonstrated the lively interest in the expo’s theme.

A rich and diversified expo agenda

The expo programme has traditionally abounded with specialized conferences and discussion panels - all those parties are offered the chance to learn more about plastic processing innovative methods, including injection moulding, production process optimization and many other. 

przetwórstwo tworzyw sztucznych na targach plastpol The business-insiders’ and specialists' presentations are the featured point on the agenda - this is the occasion to obtain first-hand, most up-to-date information on legal changes, industry novelties and restrictions regarding use of certain raw materials.

Machine innovations

The expo halls will turn into the display arena for automatic production. Cups and flower pots and many other items will be produced in front of the visitors’ eyes,  exhibitors find it the best way to show precision, efficiency and universality offered by cutting-edge machines showcased at the expo.  

PLASTPOL is much more than plastics processing technologies, machines and appliances  - packaging industry, plastic and rubber processing, industrial design will also be presented. 

Record-breaking 2019 PLASTPOL

stoiska najważniejszych firm z branży przetwórstwa tworzyw na targach plastpol Undoubtedly, 2019 is engraved in letters of gold in the expo history.  Last year’s event was all-times record in terms of exhibitors and visitors number.  From 28 to 31 May the 7 Targi Kielce exhibition halls were the showcase for 910 exhibitors (2018 - 812) from 42 countries (2018 - 39). Over 17 500 square meters of the exhibition space were the display for the industry leaders from 4 continents who presented their offer. The four-day event attracted 19.760 business-insiders and professionals.  Foreign entrepreneurs account for more than 50 per cent of PLASTPOL exhibitors 

- thus the PLASTPOL Expo is best place to showcase and present production capabilities, establish business contacts, become familiar with interesting products and novelties as well as to mark market-entrants’ presence. 

We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's from 19 to 22 May 2020.