9-10 October 2020

2nd Aviation Expo

aviation expo - targi dla rynku lotniczego AVIATION EXPO - much to the industry’s satisfaction

Specialists from various fields of aviation expressed their content with the the Aviation Expo held Kielce. This has been the first time the expo offered the new, broader-scope format. The exhibition hosted almost 1000 industry insiders.

This year AVIATION EXPO was not only the showcase for 19 aircraft - the expo generated an avid interest and proved to be the info-mine - the companies which provide aviation services such as training, aviation fuel tanks supply and many other proudly presented their offer. They were also two important industry conferences which attracted crowds of participants.

Knowledge-packed AVIATION EXPO

The first conference in the series of two focussed on the Technology Law For Aviation focused on aviation laws and development directions. The President of the Management Board of LOTOS-Air BP, Mr. Maciej Kowalski  explained fuel sales rules and regulations at his presentations devoted to aviation fuels status for air transport - legal challenges. The speakers list included, inter alia:  Sebastian Magadzio - President of the Board Airbus, Monika Strzelec - Expert onNavigation at PLL LOT SA Jehan Christophe Charles - CS Group. Joanna Wieczorek - Aviation Law Expert - Dentons Europe moderated the panel discussion. The second day focused on Unnamed Aerial Vehicles. Global Drone Conference generated an avid interest not only of industry insiders but also of UAV users.The meeting was truly unique because the operators were offered the most up-to-date knowledge dose stright from specialists. Legal issues, insurance and the drone business certification were discussed.The conference participants had the chance to participate in lectures on: PANSA UTM - how airspace is digitized,  Global development of FlyTech - UAV for export,  Unmanned Air Systems at PGZ,  Drone in Geodesy, Drone Laws in a nutshell - practical tips on how to fly, Drones in the power industry and anti-UAV systems. The lectures were delivered by inter alia Tomasz Gugała- PGZ, Joanna Wieczorek, Sławomir Strzykowski, Krzysztof  Wysocki.

Awards presented for the first time

For the first time the Kielce Aviation Fair also included medals and distinctions awarding ceremony - the best products and the most interesting expo stands gained accolades. The contest results can be found in "prizes and awards." tab

The expo hosted almost 1,000 visitors. The exhibitors emphasized that the expo brought together business insiders who were interested in specific solutions. The upcoming AVIATION EXPO - 9-10 October 2020 - we look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce.