A highly specialised seminar at the Industrial Autumn 2018

The "Industrial Autumn" expo series is accompanied with many knowledge-sharing meetings
The "Industrial Autumn" expo series is accompanied with many knowledge-sharing meetings

 METAL Expo   is the presentation platform for premiere product and the arena for seminars and industry conferences. Among them there is the seminar on:  Induction Hardening in Technological Processes  organised by Targi Kielce, Department of Industrial ICT of  Silesian University of Technology, Electronics and Automation Firm ELKON and Central Institute for Labour Protection - National Research Institute. The seminar was attended by prof. Engineer  Jerzy Barglik (Silesian University of Technology), Engineer  Albert Smalcerz PhD. (Silesian University of Technology), Engineer   Krzysztof Konopka pHd. (Silesian University of Technology, ELKON), Engineer   Zdzisław Konopka PhD. (ELKON) and Engineer   Albert Smalcerz PhD. (CIOP BIP). 

As part of the meeting, issues related to induction hardening were discussed and among them criteria for induction hardening parameters selection which encompasses the influence of heating speed on the values, temperatures. The session also focussed on contour hardening of  gears and sprockets  ( induction hardening  results on contour sprocket made of NiCrMo steel). The research was carried out as part of the NCBiR applied research program.  Precise control of the induction hardening process  and the use of induction heating in processing and heat treatment of metals  (method for induction hardening operation control developed at ELKON, case of double-frequency induction hardening).  Electromagnetic hazards  and electrostatic methods as well as elimination ways (experience in the identification of electromagnetic and electrostatic hazards and elimination ways  in relation to sources i.e. industrial electro-thermal devices and other technical devices).

The event took place within the scope of the XXII International Fair of Technologies for Foundry. 


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