The International Funeral And Cemetery Fair Necroexpo in Targi Kielce culminates in gala medals and distinctions awarding ceremony held on the second expo day

The NECROEXPO 2019 awarding ceremony at Targi Kielce
The NECROEXPO 2019 awarding ceremony at Targi Kielce

The exhibitors who displayed unique and helpful products designed to satisfy the  funeral industry needs appeared on Targi Kielce stage and were pronounced the winners.  Those who have dazzled with expo presentations have also gained awards.  


 The distinction for the products showcased at the 2019's NECROEXPO were  presented to:

  • URN DESIGN, for veneered funeral urn complemented with the urn  pedestal
  •  DIZI for the WENUS coffin
  • TESSON Danuta Sikorska, for MOTORCYCLE  HELMET urn


The NECROEXPO 2019 medals were awarded to:

  • The UNI-CLEVER automated paint sprayer - Unison
  • Medal for Bautex for MERCEDES W205


The NECROEXPO 2019 expo distinctions are presented to:

  • PLASTMET - Agnieszka Palińska and Klaudia Palińska - company representatives
  • Sadowski company - Rafał Sadowski - the company owner
  • Ferrari - Franco Ferrari owner


NECROEXPO 2019 Medal are awarded to:

  • PILATO - Barbara Pilato - the company owner


The award for long-term and fruitful cooperation with Targi Kielce - the  PHOENIX  is presented to Barbara Pilato received


Jubilee awards were also presented at the ceremony.

  •  Mitko - 30th anniversary
  • PLASTMET - 25th anniversary
  • Bautex - 20 years of family company
  • Funeralia - 10th anniversary
  • Funero - 10th anniversary



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