The Exhibition of Motor Vehicle Diagnostic Station Equipment MOTO-TECH

mototech Targi Kielce - a perfect place for the automotive diagnostician

Join the Targi Kielce's specialised exhibition targeted at entrepreneurs and companies which deal with MOT testing and certification; this event will accompany the 23rd International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO 2016 - the Central and Eastern Europe's largest exhibition targeted at public transport industry.  Every edition brings together more than 5,000 public-transport industry insiders from home and abroad.

The Polish market boasts a whole array of automotive-sector targeted exhibitions. Yet, a vast majority is addressed at a too-broad a range of visitors,  owing to the fact that these expos are mainly the showcase for passenger cars manufacturers. As a result the general-public expos do not fulfil the interests of companies from the MOT diagnostic stations sector and equipment providers. Targi Kielce's original design has been therefore to hold Poland's only, highly-specialized expo targeted to selected customers. 

mototech TRANSEXPO hosts first and foremost representatives of major Municipal and Provincial Transport Companies, long-haul bus service providers in addition to other carriers and transport service companies. Thus the expo is one-stop shop for the whole business sector - nowhere else will you meet such a comprehensive range of potential clients. Considering the fact that each of these companies operates its own diagnostic station, MOTO-TECH expo may become a perfect showcase for cutting-edge techniques and solutions for automotive diagnostics sector.

The event's product and service range is really extensive and includes: diagnostic equipment and workshop tools, car wash equipment, vehicle lifts, maintenance tools, testing equipment complemented with all types of sub-assemblies and engine, chassis, vehicle-body parts and consumables.