Product and service range of the fair:


  1. Mining of non-ferrous metal ores
  2. Non ferrous metals: aluminium, zinc, lead, tin, copper and other
  3. Non-ferrous metals alloys
  4. Nanostructure metallic materials and composities
  5. Iron, steel and non-ferrous castings
  6. Smelting of metal alloys, furnaces and charge materials
  7. Machines and equipment for smelting non-ferrous metals
  8. Rolling mill, extruded and drawn from copper, aluminium, zinc, lead as well as their alloys
  9. Applications of non-ferrous metals and their alloys
  10. Precious metals
  11. New techniques and technology in the metal industry
  12. Measurement and non-destructive testing techniques of metals
  13. Non-ferrous scrap and waste
  14. Organisations, institutions, R&D units and specialist periodicals
  15. Fettling equipment and materials for cleaning and surface finishing
  16. Tools
  17. Works health and safety, protective clothing, overalls and equipment, etc
  18. Other