Product and service range of the fair:

  • Cemeteries and cremation facilities:
    - Design and construction 
    - Administration 
    - Equipment supply 
    - Renovation and conservation services 
    - Cleaning and tidying equipment 
  • Graves and memorials:
    - Design and execution
    - Raw materials, machines and tools for their machining (engraving)
    - Grave borders and surrounds and grave encasings 
    - Grave vaults 
    - Niches and columbaria
    - Columbaria 
    - Gravestone elements and decorations (plaques, vases, letters, sculptures, ornaments, etc.) 
  • Funeral parlours:
    - Design and interior design of funeral parlours 
    - Fittings (catafalques, stands, candlesticks, fleurons, crosses, 
    furniture, etc.)
    - Mortuary equipment, devices and accessories (tables, cold stores, racks for cooling chambers, cooling lids, etc.) 
  • Coffins and sarcophagi:
    - Coffins of wood, metals, plastics, wicker, cardboard etc.
    - Stains, paints and lacquers
    - Linking technology (hammers, glue guns, staples, nails, etc.)
    - Ornaments foe external and internal decoration of coffins 
    (inserts, linings, handles, crosses, coffin plaques, images, bolts, 
    covers, cushions, laces, sculpted and painted ornaments) 
  • Urns and urn containers
  • Means of transport (hearses, carts, lifts, capsules, stretchers, bags, etc.) and transport services (domestic and international transport)
  • Cosmetics and embalming agents. Training in funerary practices.
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories for mourners, cemetery workers and for the dead
  • Arts and crafts works (artistic masonry, foundry, metalwork, ceramics, stucco decoration, painting, stained glass art, gold plating, etc.) and conservation services.
  • Funerary accessories
  • Candles, lights and means for production thereof
  • Funerary services
  • Printing services (computer applications, designing and printing information cards, obituaries, band inscriptions, etc.) and publications (catalogues, books, newsletters, brochures, pictures, etc.)
  • Florist art (wreaths, bouquets, flowers, plants, decorative and constructional accessories, etc.)
  • Arrangement and conducting funerary ceremonies